Paint Services

Kitchen Resprays

The kitchen is the heart of the home and for this reason we believe that they should be treated that way. Over 90% of the time our customers have contacted us because they are happy with the space and layout of their kitchen but have fallen out of love with the look and feel and just fancy a change.

At Portal Spray Painting we know we can help and have saved our customers thousands of pounds by repainting instead of replacing. Spray painting is much less disruptive and quicker than having your kitchen replaced or painted by hand.

Our expert spray systems massively limit disruption, with all removable items taken away to our workshop to be prepared and painted. This allows customers to continue to use their kitchen, on our return we will protect all floors, ceilings etc before any fixed items will be carefully sprayed on site. 

We use specialist water-based paints designed to withstand everyday use in the kitchen and withstand daily family use. We have transformed vinyl wrapped kitchens to solid wood, quickly and with limited disruption, contact us today for a quote on your kitchen transformation!

Furniture Spray Painting

We can transform new or existing furniture and love saving furniture from going to the tip!

We are experts in spray painting MDF furniture from sealing to priming, we can create a superb base that once spray painted is free from imperfections and looks like new!

Whether you’re a private customer with custom made cupboards or a carpenter looking to offer your customers a finished & sprayed product, we can tailor our services to suit you. 

At Portal Spray Painting we can paint onsite – in your home or off site from our workshop, always using quality branded water-based non toxic paints.

UPVC Spray Painting

We offer both residential and commercial exterior spray painting services. We offer a variety of colours for UPVC windows, doors & garage doors, patio furniture & benches – we can match your desired style.

We understand that replacing windows can be very expensive and very disruptive, at Portal Spray Painting we know we can save you time, stress and money and you will be completely satisfied with the results!

Let our specialists transform your outside space, whether a colour change or simply refreshing faded paint.

Take a look at our latest work.

Garage Doors

If your garage door is fading or peeling you can avoid costly replacement by getting it professionally spray painted, using specialist paint coatings to ensure a job that lasts.

Spraying garage doors/metal garage door painting is becoming increasingly popular within residential areas as it is a cost-effective alternative to replacing. Equipped with the tools and ability, we can spray paint shutters and large doors in commercial properties, as well as smaller garage doors in residential areas.

Our garage door spray paint service aims to transform and also strengthen your existing garage door, frames and trim. Garage door spray paint will add protection against all weathering and will give your garage door a new lease of life. Contact us for a free quote to see how much you can save by spraying instead of replacing.

Commercial Spray Painting

Portal Spray Painting is dedicated to helping our commercial clients to achieve a brand new look for their premises. We can spray paint, shop fronts, warehouses, industrial units, quickly and cost-effectively.

We have experience in painting all of the following surfaces: breeze block walls, timber & woodwork, Steelwork and MDF.

If you have a business in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey or London areas and want to find out how Portal Spray Painting can help you achieve a new look – please get in touch!